Welcome to my website.

As you make your way around the site you will see that I make a wide range of stringed instruments from standard guitars, citterns and irish bouzoukis to all members of the mandolin family including mandolins, tenor mandolas, octave mandolas and mandocellos. I also make some more unusual and hard to get instruments such as the english guitar, saz, appalachian dulcimer and even a baglama.

Additions to the range of instruments I make that are listed in this website are mandolins with a larger body size than my standard mandolin, and a tenor mandola with a longer string length of 460mm, instead of the more usual 410mm. I am also making a cittern with a shorter string length and a smaller body than the conventional cittern. Another addition are tenor guitars with spruce or mahogany tops. I also make an 8 string version of the tenor guitar that can be tuned like a bouzouki. I have also introduced an appalachian dulcimer with two fingerboards, and a baglama, sometimes called an octave saz.

I hope you enjoy the site and looking at all the instruments I make. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.