Model 1

Plain this model and has no edge banding to the body, which gives the look of a traditional folk instrument. ( Model  M-1 OM-1  B-1  etc. )

Model 2

Edge BandedThis model is the same as model 1, but enhanced with edge banding on the front edge of the body.( Model M-2 OM-2 B-2 etc. )

Model 3 – Scroll Head

This is the same as model 2, but is further enhanced by a decorative scroll head. ( Model M-3 OM-3 B-3 etc. )


I designed this unique tailpiece, and have them made exclusively for my instruments. This tailpiece has two particular advantages over the traditional design, it can be used with both loop-end and ball-end strings, and has no cover plate to get lost!


All my instruments are fitted with handmade phosphor bronze strings made by Newtone. For more information and how to order, go to or phone +44 0177 371 4409

Headway Pick-ups

I can supply and fit under-saddle pick-ups to all my instruments. For more information about Headway pickups go to or phone +44 0186 933 8404